Eco-friendly Colorful Bubble Mailers

Eco-friendly Colorful Bubble Mailers
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Not only do eco-friendly colorful bubble mailers apply to mailing CDs, DVDs, and folders, they also make your messages stand out. It is equipped with an adhesive tape for sealing, which makes packaging be simple and fast, and is a great way to ship your goods.

The appearance of the eco-friendly colorful bubble mailers is bright and gorgeous, with bright colors and a very professional look. With a bubble lining inside, you can ensure that your product gets the protection you need to get to your destination safely. Inks, stamps and labels are attached to the outside and are easy to see. 

These efficient eco-friendly colorful bubble mailers are also waterproof and tamper-proof, allowing you to ship items with confidence. They are very cheap and take up less space than a box. These are the ideal solutions to make your goods look great!


MaterialThicknessWeightPrintingColorClosureProcessBubble diameterTemperature rangeWater permeability
Aluminum +bubble5mm180gAcceptedCustomizedSelf-seal AdhesiveHeat sealing10mm-40 degree-80 degreeNo


* Wide welding edges (10mm each side) offers additional strength and safety.

* Eco-friendly, high quality, lightweight, you can save your postage.

* Colorful and vibrant, creating an inspiring first impression before unpacking.

* Easy to clean, safe to use and reusable.

* With foam lining for excellent flexibility to prevent bag breakage.

* The internal bubbles have a good cushioning effect to prevent damage to the loaded items due to pressure, collision or falling.