Bubble Packaging Roll Wrap Faced One/Double Side Alu Foil

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Bubble Packaging Roll Wrap Faced One/Double Side Alu Foil


This is a new type of environmental protection thermal insulation material, the material is soft, light and easy to install. Its structure for aluminum foil and polyethylene, processed by special machinery, the product tasteless non-toxic; it appears The utility model not only solves the discomfort caused by the glass fiber and the foaming material to the human body, but also prevents the penetration of the iron sheet, the concrete, the wood and the common heat insulating material.

The new heat insulation material developed by our company not only has good insulation, heat reflection, heat insulation and anti radiation function, but also can be built in the building because of the characteristics of the material.

Building applications (roofs, walls, floors) can play a good moisture-proof, insulation, energy-saving effect.


1 environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic non-toxic in the installation and use.

2 Isolation cold, hot medium, good thermal insulation, good energy saving.

3 absorb noise.

4 waterproof, dustproof, high temperature resistant, cold resistant, chemical resistant.

5 double-sided aluminum film can better play a waterproof moisture-proof effect.

6 double bubble can be more effective insulation, moisture proof, better protection.


Widely used in greenhouses, farms, factories, warehouses, outdoor, wooden houses, villas, sauna, pipeline, food, greenhouse, shed, greenhouse, pavilion, simple room, workshop floor, metal housing, roof, roof tile, exhaust pipe, ventilation pipe. Also often used in packaging machinery exports. Packaging parts, packaging and so on.

Product series: two-sided aluminum foil single bubble, double-sided aluminum foil double bubble, double-sided aluminum foil woven double bubble, double-sided aluminum foil woven fabric bubble aluminum foil and other fire retardant fire insulation building materials can be combined production on demand.