Self Adhesive Black Plastic Bags

athis PET air bubble bag is one of the poly bubble bag .general weight is 160g,the mix size is 10*11cm(3.94*4.33inch) we can customized bubble bag according you requirement

Product Details

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The raw material of the bubble film, the plastic raw material and the particle. The factory can produce the bubble film by itself, the efficiency is higher

Our factory buys the machine that produces bubble film, can produce bubble film by itself, the bubble that produces is bubble diameter 10 mm* deep 3.6 mm/bubble diameter  28 mm* deep 9 mm

Kraft paper:we can accept size color logo printing 

customized .if you need other color or printing you 

can contact me ,we will offer you the detail information .

bubble film:we can accept the bubble film different weight customized ,more weight have more stronger .and our factory have two bubble deep can offer you to choose.

Details of the product as shown in the figure, for your reference.

Our factory have different kraft paper ,and we accept the customized ,if you want allover print our factory can accept too.