Padded Kraft Bubble Envelope

Padded Kraft Bubble Envelope
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Whether you're thinking about mailing documents or something else, these rugged padded kraft bubble envelopes should be your first choice to ensure your goods are protected from breakage and damage during shipment. Envelopes protect your goods from damage until delivery. The top of the kraft bubble envelope has a self-adhesive seal that makes the envelope very easy to seal, ensuring the integrity of the package.

Padded kraft bubble envelopes are environmentally friendly because they are made from recycled kraft paper but are strong enough to prevent tampering. The seamless bottom and two side fins are thermally bonded to ensure enhanced protection of your cargo during transport. The top envelope cover makes it easy to stick labels and stamps without smudging or fading.

Padded kraft bubble envelopes are waterproof to ensure your cargo runs safely in rain and snow. These envelopes can be used in offices, homes, shops, schools, and anywhere you need to transport. These kraft bubble envelopes provide a complete satisfaction guarantee.


Product Name

Padded Kraft Bubble Envelope


Kraft +bubble







Bubble hight


Bubble diameter



Heat sealing

Temperature range

-40 degree-80 degree

Water permeability


Tearing property

Not easy to tear


* Made from thick and tough kraft paper, it is not easy to absorb water.

* Lined foam packaging adds protection and filling, making it ideal for transporting fine items.

* The bubble envelope feels good and is ideal for handwriting, labeling and stamping.

* The envelopes are thermally bonded on both sides to form a waterproof, secure seal.

* Ideal for mailing paper, documents, letters, photos, paintings, small items, jewelry, stones, coins and more.