Colorful Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam for Packaging

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Colorful Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam for Packaging


This is a new type of environmentally friendly insulation material, the material is soft, light and easy to install. The structure of aluminum foil and polyethylene, which are processed by special machines, the product has not only tasteless non-toxic; the glass fiber and foam material to bring harm to human discomfort and environment, and can block the penetration of metal, concrete, wood and insulating material of ordinary ultraviolet light to enter the room. This new type of insulation materials R & D and production of our company not only has good insulation, heat insulation and heat reflection, anti radiation function, but due to the characteristics of the material in the application of housing construction on the roof, the wall (, the floor can play a good moisture-proof, insulation, energy-saving effect.

XPE foam

XPE is chemical crosslinked polyethylene foam material, is a low density polyethylene resin with crosslinking agent and foaming agent through high temperature continuous foaming, and EPE (physical foam polyethylene, commonly known as pearl cotton) compared,

Higher tensile strength, thinner pores.


The product has good physical properties, excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation efficacy, can be widely used in automotive interior, sporting goods, travel products, children's products, medical care products packaging And refrigeration, construction, decoration and other industries.


1, this product is tasteless non-toxic, environmental protection.

2, with thermal reflection, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti radiation, shielding function.

3, moisture-proof, sunscreen, waterproof, good sealing, thermal insulation and energy saving.

4, summer can moistureproof, prevent bask in, heat insulation, save air conditioning; winter can keep warm, save central heating; energy-saving effect is remarkable.