Customized Logo Colorful Printing Bubble Mailer

Customized Logo Colorful Printing Bubble Mailer
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Product Details

Customized logo colorful printing bubble mailers are durable but very lightweight, helping you save on shipping costs when shipping items. Thicken envelopes are waterproof and protect your product and keep it safe to a safe place. Self-adhesive fill envelopes are used to mail different applications, and internal bubble layers protect objects from damage and provide cushioning for your items and protect them from water and dust.

The customized logo colorful printing bubble mailer features a bubble-lined internal structure that provides extra protection during shipping. Its high-strength self-adhesive sealant provides extremely safe tear resistance to seals, ensuring the safety and privacy of mailed products. It can be used in offices, homes, shops, schools and places that need to be transported.


Product NameCustomized Logo Colorful Printing Bubble Mailer
MaterialPE film / PE bubble 
Bubble Size (mm)Small: 9x2.5mm, 10x3.5mm, Medium: 15x8mm, Large: 25x10mm
Size Limit (mm)Minimum Size: Width 90 x Length 100 + Flap 30mm

Maximum Size: Width 750 x Length 620 + Flap 80mm
Sealing & HandleSelf-seal with hot-melt adhesive
Edge2 sided protection edges (10mm each)
Edge shapeFlat Edge
Easy-opened pull tabY / N
PrintingGravure printing (by copper plate)
PackagingMaster Carton (others upon request)
Production Lead timeAbout 15 days
Min. Order Quantity10000 to 20000pcs per size
Custom-made100% Support


* Anti-shake, anti-throwing, anti-friction, shading, self-sealing;

* Not easy to tear, sturdy, self-adhesive, tamper-proof seal

* Recycling, in line with environmental requirements;

* Prevent internal items from being damaged by collision, wear or static electricity;

* Size and color can be customized;

* Can be used to package clothes, books, gifts, clothing, accessories, CDs, camera lenses, film and more.