Express Poly Mail Bags

our Zhejiang INSURFIN Co., Ltd.Size color and logo can all be customized .10% discount will be provided if you the quantity have60000 . Company's main products for building insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, sound-absorbing, fire-retardant. And the production of shock absorption, explosion-proof packaging, quality reached the international advanced standards, the recent development of our company waterproof aluminum foil products to fill the gaps, an increase of product diversification.

Product Details

Manufacturer Printing Factory Wholesale Economical Express Poly Mail Bags

The raw material of the bubble film, the plastic raw material and the particle. The factory can produce the bubble film by itself, the efficiency is higher

Our factory buys the machine that produces bubble film, can produce bubble film by itself, the bubble that produces is bubble diameter 10 mm* deep 3.6 mm/bubble diameter  28 mm* deep 9 mm


Details of the product as shown in the figure, for your reference.

Our factory have different kraft paper ,and we accept the customized ,if you want allover print our factory can accept too.