metallic poly cushion shipping bags

metallic poly cushion shipping bags
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Product Details

Metallic poly cushion shipping bags can create a professional image for your company, leaving customers with an unforgettable impression. High slip smooth bubble cushioning material helps to insert products faster and easier. The cushion gasket is made of aluminum foil and has a strong transparent bubble lining cushion.

As a cost-effective alternative to bubble boxes, durable metallic poly cushion shipping bags are thin and light to save you transportation costs. A good shipping envelope will protect your fine goods from damage and damage. Shipping bags can prevent tearing and puncture.

The metallic poly cushion shipping bag has a very strong thermal bond tamper-proof seal that provides safe shipping. It uses a metallized surface and an insulating air to encapsulate the reflectivity of the bubble to achieve thermal envelope performance. Metallized surfaces can greatly reduce radiant heat transfer, keeping the product at the desired temperature during transport, and bubbles and polymers prevent conduction and convection heat transfer.


Product Name

Metallic poly cushion shipping bags


PET +bubble








Heat sealing

Temperature range

-40 degree-80 degree

Water permeability


Tearing property

Not easy to tear


* Very suitable for handwriting, labeling and stamping.

* Provides additional cushioning protection and increased strength and safety.

* Made of 100% recyclable material for easy self-sealing and waterproof formation.

* Specially designed and manufactured, it is made of the highest quality, reasonably sized materials to provide added safety.

* The sturdy layer helps reduce radiant heat transfer and keeps your product at the desired temperature during transport.


These gorgeous shipping bags can be used in offices, homes, shops, schools, and anywhere you need to transport.