glamour bubble packing envelopes

glamour bubble packing envelopes
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The look of a stylish glamour bubble packing envelopes creates a professional image for your company and leaves an unforgettable impression. The high-slip smooth bubble cushioning material allows for faster and easier insertion into the product.

Glamour bubble packing envelopes protect your delicate goods from damage and damage. These packing envelopes are also very light, which will save on shipping costs during shipping. Inks, stamps and labels are attached to the outside and are easy to see. These are the ideal solutions to make your goods look great!

These glamour bubble packing envelopes prevent tearing and puncture. The cushion gasket is made of aluminum foil and has a strong transparent bubble lining cushion. The seamless bottom of these heavy-duty padded packing envelopes provides additional cushioning protection while offering greater overall strength and security.


MaterialThicknessWeightPrintingColorClosureProcessBubble diameterTemperature rangeWater permeability
Aluminum +bubble5mm180gAcceptedCustomizedSelf-seal AdhesiveHeat sealing10mm-40 degree-80 degreeNo


* Equipped with adhesive tape for sealing, quick and easy to package, waterproof and tamper proof.

* The exterior is bright and gorgeous, with a colorful finish that exudes a very professional look.

* Manufactured with the latest technology, the multi-layer structure provides excellent protection.

* Multi-layer mixed clear bubbles with excellent tear strength and cushioning properties.

* Suitable for post offices, courier companies, online stores, home or personal use.


These exquisite blue glamour bubble packing envelopes ensure that fragile items, brochures, books, large pieces of materials, gifts, etc. are protected.