Self-resealable Metallic Bubble Bags

Self-resealable Metallic Bubble Bags
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These self-resealable metallic bubble bags are made of shiny aluminum, laminated and bubble lining for extra protection. In addition, the peel&seal seals the bag very quickly, easily and safely. The rugged exterior material resists any tears or punctures that may occur during transport, ensuring that your items arrive safely.

Self-resealable metallic bubble bags combine all the advantages of traditional protective bubble-lined mailers with chic packaging, which is perfect for mailing cosmetics, perfumes or toys. And the charm and elegance of our red bubble bags make it an ideal choice for marketing and personal use, especially for special occasion such as Valentine's Day.

High quality self-resealable metallic bubble bags can save your postage and the thrill of all recipients receiving them! The internal bubble lining has a good cushioning effect to prevent damage to the loaded items due to pressure, collision and failure. You can send mailers to your customers uniquely!


ProcessMaterialWeightBubble heightBubble diameterSurface resistance
Heat sealingAluminum foil +bubble280g4mm10mm10^8-10^11ohm
DensityTensile StrengthTemperature rangeElongationTear Strength GMFWater Absorption
25-200Kg/M32 1.8 - 3.50 Kg/Cm-30 degree to 80 degree40 - 100%150(min)0.01 to +70


* Lightweight and compact size saves postage.

* Preferred for home use and co-mailing services.

* Peel off the underlying super-stick hot melt adhesive and seal on the top cover.

* Custom designs and sizes are welcome.

* 100% reusable, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.


Can be used to mailing and packaging: tape, CD, camera, lens, film, IC card, machine parts, books, electronic accessories and other items that need protection.

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