Moisture Proof Self Adhesive Bubble Bag

Moisture Proof Self Adhesive Bubble Bag
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Made of stretch-resistant and waterproof materials, moisture proof self adhesive bubble bag ensures the safe delivery of your packaging. These moisture proof self adhesive bubble bags are made very strong to prevent tearing, puncture and tampering. Transport labels can be firmly bonded to the surface of polyethylene sheets to reduce the amount of lost packaging, which helps save you time and money.

The bubble bag thickness provides excellent product protection throughout the transport process and its powerful side heat seal provides excellent burst strength. Are you looking for lightweight bubble bag that reduces costs and provides proper protection? Don't hesitate anymore, this moisture proof self adhesive bubble bag can meet all your transportation needs.


MaterialThicknessWeightPrintingColorClosureProcessBubble diameterTemperature rangeWater permeability
Aluminum +bubble5mm180gAcceptedCustomizedSelf-seal AdhesiveHeat sealing10mm-40 degree-80 degreeNo


* Excellent water and tear resistance protects your cargo from damage and tampering until delivery is complete.

* The self-adhesive seal makes the seal quick and easy, just seal, peel and paste to complete all operations.

* Light weight reduces the cost of commercial and personal use.

* High sliding bubble cushioning material allows for faster and easier insertion into the product.

* Its surface can be used for high quality printing, labeling and pen writing.

* The pressure sensitive adhesive on the flap is fast, easy to close, self-sealing and tamper proof.

* Wide weld edges (10mm per side) provide extra strength and safety.


* Low-cost packaging solutions for a wide range of products, from cell phones to boxes to jewelry to cosmetic beauty products.

* Suitable for packaging in the office, store, home or school. Each package is opaque to keep the privacy of your items.