Light Silver Metallic Plastic Bubble Bag

bubble mailer bag thickness for excellent product protection throughout the shipping, its strong side heat seals for superior bursting strength.
High-slip bubble cushioning material allows faster, easier product insert.
Its surface available for high-quality printing, labeling and pen writing.
Pressure sensitive adhesive on the flap is quick and easy to close, self-seal and tamper evident.
Wide welding edges (10mm each side) offers additional strength and safety.
Postage savings due to light weight.

Product Details

Light Silver Metallic Plastic Bubble Bag

Details description:

bubble envelope environmental protection. Shock. Anti alkali, sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-static, waterproof and dustproof.. moisture. Insulation, acid, high impact, non-toxic products. Its unique surface is easy to write.

Toughness can prevent bag rupture; inner transparent bubble has a good buffer function, to prevent the loaded items due to pressure, touch, fall and damage... Outer aluminum film, inner anti-static bubble film, the two composite. Smooth surface, can be without infringement of other people's intellectual property rights, according to customer requirements printing different patterns, trademarks and text.

This product is the perfect embodiment of bubble bag. The outer film moisture, corrosion characteristics, inner layer using the bubble cushioning, shock absorption, insulation characteristics, to better protect the safety of goods, to prevent the goods during transport due to pressure, touch, or damage caused by static friction. High strength hot melt adhesive for sealing. The seal provides an extremely safe anti pulling force, safety and protection of private mail products. Ultra wide on each side of 10mm heat sealing property is excellent. The outer edge. The explosion-proof film color, size can be customized according to customer requirements of production.

Product series: 

PET bubble envelope bag series, aluminum film bubble series, kraft paper series, pearl cotton insulation bag series, pearl cotton crosslinking foam series


Materialaluminum film +bubble film
Colorcolorful or printing
ClosureSelf-seal Adhesive
ProcessHeat sealing
Bubble diameter10mm
Temperature range;-40 degree-80 degree
Water permeabilityNo