metallic bubble shipping envelopes

metallic bubble shipping envelopes
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Metallic bubble shipping envelopes are very popular in direct mail and promotions, attracting a lot of attention. They are equipped with adhesive tapes that are tamper-proof. These bubble shipping envelopes allow you to deliver items with confidence, which is a great way to transport your goods.

Vibrant color and metallic texture provide excellent aesthetics, while bubble lining provides cushioning for internal items. These metallic bubble shipping envelopes are also available for temperature sensitive products. The metal foil reflects heat and the bubble lining acts as an insulator to help maintain temperature.

Metallic bubble shipping envelope has become a key factor in saving packaging time and protecting products when delivered. These bubble shiping envelopes are made from a durable polyethylene film multilayer blend. The layer is moisture resistant and suitable for all environments.


MaterialThicknessWeightPrintingColorClosureProcessBubble diameterTemperature rangeWater permeability
Aluminum +bubble5mm180gAcceptedCustomizedSelf-seal AdhesiveHeat sealing10mm-40 degree-80 degreeNo


* It has a bubble lining that is waterproof laminated to the outer layer of aluminum foil.

* Can prevent shocks and punctures and resists knocks that occur during mailing.

* The inner surface with high sliding and the tear strip that is easy to open are very effective and easy to use.

* The sides are welded, the smooth surface can be written, and the label is easy to adhere.

* Light in weight reduces shipping costs and reflects a better product image.

* Provide extra strength to prevent bursting and allow your product to arrive in good condition.

* Suitable for transporting CDs, DVDs, brochures, etc.

* Various sizes are available depending on the item.