bubble lined poly mailers

bubble lined poly mailers
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Bubble lined poly mailers combine the moisture barrier of a poly bag with the cushioning of a bubble bag to provide great protection for your shipment. These stripped and sealed bubble-lined poly mailers are tamper-resistant lightweight mail.

Protect your delicate products during transport by placing these products in these bubble lined poly mailers. Durable exterior materials are moisture, tear and tamper resistant to ensure your items are intact, and easy-to-use peel and paste closures allow you to quickly pack and secure items for safe transport.

Made of multilayered polyethylene sheets, it is completely waterproof and tear resistant. All bubble lined poly mailers are 100% satisfied. If you are not satisfied with the product, please feel free to contact us.


MaterialThicknessWeightPrintingColorClosureProcessBubble diameterTemperature rangeWater permeability
Aluminum +bubble5mm180gAcceptedCustomizedSelf-seal AdhesiveHeat sealing10mm-40 degree-80 degreeNo


* Made of the highest safety standards, lightweight, no additional weight and saving on shipping costs.

* The cover is quick and easy to use, just remove the strip and press to close.

* Low cost transportation protection for a variety of products.

Economical use of cartons to ship products.

* High sliding bubble cushioning material allows for faster and easier insertion into the product.

* Stamps and labels are easy to adhere and the surface can be used for high quality printing and pen writing.

* Films of specific thickness and color can be produced on request.