Ads Printing Car Windshield Snow Cover

Ads Printing Car Windshield Snow Cover
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custom ads printing car sunshade car windshield snow cover

The car shade is used to block the sun, the role:

Prevent sunlight from affecting the driver's sight and ensure driving safety;

To prevent the inside of the car temperature rise, improve car comfort;

  Way of direct sunlight car inside the instrument, leather seat cover and so on. The car shade can be divided into the front, side and back three kinds of shield by position.

Direct sunlight into the car, the temperature rises, and will also affect the driver's vision, the car shade is to cover the direct incoming sunlight, make the car more comfortable. The sun's exposure to the car in the leather seats and other facilities such as the instrument will cause greater damage, shading can reflect the sun, so in a short period of time, to reduce the temperature in the car has a good effect.