Funny Car Side Window Sunshade

When driving in the summer, the sunlight coming in from the side window is quite powerful. Paste the general membrane effect is not very ideal, still can bask skin hair hot. Here are several side shading. 1, the ordinary gauze net type side shade is blocked. This kind of sunshade is usually with two suction cups, or a sucker in the middle, the advantage is easy to remove, but the problem is that when the window to shake down, may touch off the sucker, especially only two cups that side shade, it is easy to fall down. 2, electrostatic paste side shading. Electrostatic Paste Side shading screen is better than the net-type shading effect. Unique mesh wisp of empty translucent design, will not let people have the feeling of tightness and being closed. When pasting, it is best to put the bottom into the window seam 5cm or so, so that will not appear when the static roll down the glass when the situation. When not in use, the electrostatic paste directly pull down, wash with water, and then roll up with smooth paper, can be reused later. To purchase static stickers to pay attention to, to ask whether the material is soft or hard. Some manufacturers use relatively poor, make out the product is more hard, like cardboard, new products open when the electrostatic burst sound is small, this kind of electrostatic paste used for a long time, the absorption will soon disappear, thus falling down. Other also need to pay attention to, should be based on the size of their own window to choose the right size of the electrostatic paste, too small will reduce the effect of shading, too large will block the view of the rearview mirror

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