Full Ads Printing Car Sunshade

Front shade is not too many varieties, generally have aluminum foil and non-woven two kinds. Aluminum foil generally divided into ordinary "light plate" type and pattern type, the size is generally 60*130cm, suitable for most small cars. The aluminum foil insulation with sucker is easy to use, after the expansion, suction in the front windshield or the rear window glass. In not too hot season, you can put the color pattern outward, if the weather is very hot, then aluminum foil outward to ensure reflection of the sun. In the selection of the front shade, it is best to choose with sucker, material texture to be more hard. "Light plate" type or too cheap front shade is not quite enough, it is easy to fall down, so do not covet cheap. Generally have a brand of front shade packaging materials used better, there are special to place the sucker, sucker is not easy to squeeze bad. The worst brand is that the sucker is squeezed out and the remedy is to put it in boiling water for a while. If the front window glass of the car is wider, the general front shade can not be blocked, the choice of two pairs of shade, such as the Jeep type is covered. Some vehicles have no shading areas at the top of the front window glass and can post a windshield sticker. It can not only beautify the vehicle, but also can play a part of the shading function.

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