Funny Car Sun Visor For Windshield

The car visor can be divided into front block, side block and rear block three kinds [1] according to the position. Front Shade block It is not too many varieties, generally have aluminum foil and non-woven two kinds. Aluminum foil is generally divided into ordinary "light plate" type and pattern type, the size is generally 60*130cm, suitable for most small cars. Hot weather can be aluminum foil outward, to ensure reflection of the sun, the best choice is to choose to wear a sucker, do not buy the "light plate" type or too cheap front shade, so easy to fall. Side Sun Shield The sunlight coming in from the side window in summer is still quite powerful. Paste the general membrane effect is not very ideal, still can bask skin hair hot. Let's compare several side shading. A. Ordinary yarn-mesh side shade: This kind of shade is usually with two cups, or the middle with a sucker, its advantage is easy to take off, but the problem is that when the window to shake down, may touch off the sucker, especially only two cups of the kind of side shade, it is easy to fall. B. Electrostatic patch side shading: Electrostatic paste side shading screen is better than net-type shading effect. Unique mesh wisp of empty translucent design, will not let people have the feeling of tightness and being closed. When pasting, it is best to put the bottom into the window seam 5cm or so, so that will not appear when the static roll down the glass when the situation. When not in use, the electrostatic paste directly pull down, wash with water, and then roll up with smooth paper, can be reused later. Rear Shade Block is generally for the guests to prepare, some high-end vehicles after the sunshade is the original configuration, for telescopic, generally black mesh, this kind of shade effect is good and beautiful and convenient, is the best rear shade block. For the original car without shade, only one with their own.

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