kraft bubble padded envelopes

kraft bubble padded envelopes
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Kraft bubble padded envelopes are made from tough kraft paper and lined with foam for added protection and padding, which will ensure that your cargo is protected from breakage and damage during transportation and transportation.

With a bubble-lined wall construction, these popular kraft bubble padded envelopes are rugged and offer extra protection during transport. These sturdy, advanced bubble padded envelopes are a proven solution for a wide range of items.

Kraft bubble padded envelopes provide excellent low cost transportation protection for a wide range of products. The shipping label is firmly adhered to the kraft cover, thus reducing the incidence of lost packaging. After sealing, the envelope could not be opened and resealed without significant damage.

Made from 100% eco-friendly and recyclable materials, kraft bubble padded envelopes are perfect for mailing documents, photos, jewelry and more. They can also be used as paper organizers for offices, homes or schools.


ProcessMaterialWeightBubble heightBubble diameterSurface resistance
Heat sealingKraft+bubble280g4mm10mm10^8-10^11ohm
DensityTensile strengthTemperature rangeElongationTear strength GMFWater absorption
25-200Kg/M32 1.8 - 3.50 Kg/Cm-30 degree to 80 degree40 - 100%150(min)0.01 to +70


* Fold the top and bottom for extra padding. 

* The top flap of the envelope has a self-adhesive seal. 

* Waterproof to ensure your goods run safely in the rain and snow.

* The interior is packaged in a waterproof polyethylene film foam.

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