China Supplier Beauty Co-ex Poly Custom Envelop Mail Bubble Warp Bag

China Supplier Beauty Co-ex Poly Custom Envelop Mail Bubble Warp Bag
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China Supplier Beauty Co-ex Poly Custom Envelop Mail Bubble Warp Bag




  ProcessMaterialweightBubble heightBubble diameterSurface resistance
Heat sealingCo ex +bubble280g4mm10mm 10^8-10^11ohm
DensityTensile StrengthTemperature rangeElongationTear Strength GMFWater Absorption
25-200Kg/M32 1.8 - 3.50 Kg/Cm-30 degree to 80 degree40 - 100%150(min)0.01 to +70







PRODUCTION & MATERIAL                  


Our factory buys the machine that produces bubble film, can produce bubble

film by itself, the bubble that produces is bubble diameter 10 mm*

deep 3.6 mm/bubble diameter  28 mm* deep 9 mm

The raw material of the bubble film, the plastic raw material and the particle.

The factory can producethe bubble film by itself, the efficiency is higher

Co-ex film:we can accept size color logo printing customized .if you need other

color or printing you can contact me ,we will offer you the detail information .

bubble film:we can accept the bubble film different weight customized ,more

weight have more stronger.and our factory have two bubble deep can offer

you to choose.





We are factory direct sales, so your requirements we can meet your requirements

to the greatest extent,  you need to provide us with the size and color printing

pictures,our factory accept the minimum size is 10*10CM (4*4inch), single color 

printing plate making fee is 224USD, if you need to print more color, more complex

style you need another price, we will provide the best service for you, we will try

our best to meet your requirements











Details of the product as shown in the figure, for your reference.

Our factory have different kraft paper ,and we accept the customized ,if you

want allover print our factory can accept too.









In order to make the film of the bubble bag can be better with the bubble film will be

in thefilm and film heat together with a layer of lamination to make the appearance

of bubble bagslook better, more solid products, the quality of the film better














If the order is small, you can choose express delivery, but our Express

charge ahead of time to pay, whether it is finished production or sample

delivery, you need to pay courier fees in advance
But we will choose the most convenient and cheap courier for you, please

rest assured


Our company is a new company, we have the best young dynamic team,

our products also enjoy high reputation in the industry, we are just

beginning to do the export, so in terms of price, we will have our own system,

 we accept small orders, but in terms of price, we will add 10% profit, please

forgive.If your order is relatively large, we will give you a 10% discount.We

very much hope to conclude a deal with every customer and wish us a pleasant





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