EPE Foam Roll Expandable Polyethylene Foam Sheet Machine

A. Characteristic: The epe can protect the goods from damage during the delivery course. Its quakeproof, push-proof and waterproof. It's light, easy and safe to use. It's a perfect replacer of the wood box and paper box for the packaging of the mail.
B. Technique: There is nothing between the EPE flim inside and the Metallized film outside. The epe film is directly coalescing to the metallized film without glue water, so that insure it can be 100% recycle, and accord with the request of environmentalism.
C. Using area: It can be used to post tape, CD, camera lens, film, certificate, IC card, mini-type machine accessory and so on goods that need protecting.

Product Details

EPE Foam Roll Expandable Polyethylene Foam Sheet Machine

easy installation, waterproof shockproof moisture-proof effect, impact resistance and other functions, in electronic products, craft gifts, glass products, inflammable fragile parts, construction industry, suitable for the protection of large size heavy product packaging, do bag or sheet.

Shockproof, thermal insulation, good plasticity, toughness, recycling, strong impact and many other advantages, but also has a good anti chemical properties, is an ideal alternative to traditional packaging materials.

Design for container transportation. Isolation, the internal temperature of the dangerous goods from the peak, in the course of transportation. 2 can be used in many industries, including cosmetics, Wine, food and beverage, automotive, plastics, chemicals, electronics and computing. Also used as a cover for bicycle, boat cover, car cover, cover truck, truck tarpaulin, garbage cover, steel sheet, wood cover.

It can make our goods to avoid moisture damage. This point for the food, chemical material is especially important, therefore, in order to make the quality of our products in the transport process, consistent from beginning to end, the use of container pallet bag is a good way.

Second: it can better protect our products from high temperatures.

We know that if our container in the transportation, if we do not take any insulation measures, it will easily lead to deterioration of our products, and then, if we can use the container pallet bag, it will be a very good protective effect on our products.

Third: play a buffer role.

During the transportation of goods, the most afraid of is damaged during transport collision and products, if we use the container pallet bag, is able to prevent this kind of accident, so as to ensure our products look good, quality as one.

Characteristic1.Warm-keeping and energy-saving
2.Clean easy and safe to use
3.Light weight
4.Multi-functions for insulation and package
5.100% RECYCLE
6.Vibration-proof; Push-proof; Water-proof
7.Absorb sound, reduce noice
8.Cushioning function
Application1. Heat insulation and light inflecting in construction and protection for both cold water and hot water pipe
2. Heat insulation and sound absorption and noise reduction for car,train, refrigerator car and laboratory; moisture proof cushion for travelling
3. Packing for special products and cold storage