Pearl Cotton Packing Compositing MPET Film Roll

Energy saving - reduces the cost of heating and cooling.
2, light weight, no fiber
3, non-toxic, environmental protection.
4, easy to install, waterproof, thermal insulation, insulation, flame retardant
5, high reflectivity, anti glare coating
6 anti fungal, anti ultraviolet, reduce noise and vibration.
7 oxidation and corrosion resistant anti glare coating
8 grade A / 1 fire rating
In greenhouses, farms, factories, warehouses, outdoor, wooden houses, villas, sauna, pipeline, food, greenhouse, shed, greenhouse, pavilion, simple room, workshop floor, metal housing, roof, roof tile, exhaus

Product Details

Pearl Cotton Packing Compositing MPET Film Roll


This is a new type of environmentally friendly insulation material, the material is soft, light and easy to install. The structure of aluminum foil and polyethylene, which are processed by special machines, the product has not only tasteless non-toxic; the glass fiber and foam material to bring harm to human discomfort and environment, and can block the penetration of metal, concrete, wood and insulating material of ordinary ultraviolet light to enter the room. This new type of insulation materials R & D and production of our company not only has good insulation, heat insulation and heat reflection, anti radiation function, but due to the characteristics of the material in the application of housing construction on the roof, the wall (,Floor) can play a good moisture-proof, insulation, energy-saving effect.


1, the product is mostly used for home mats, waterproof and moisture-proof mats, indoor and outdoor insulation, roof insulation, attic insulation, plant, farms, workshops, factories, office areas and so on.

EPE foam composite products and aluminum or aluminum film has excellent anti infrared ultraviolet, is the cold storage of chemical equipment and camping equipment will be used for auto shading products.

2, widely used in car mats, electronic appliances, instrumentation, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial control chassis, metal lighting, handicrafts, glass, porcelain, home appliances, spraying,

Furniture, furniture, wine and other high-end resin fragile gift packaging, hardware, toys, shoes and fruits, inner packaging, daily necessities and other products packaging.

Product NameAL foil  EPE
MaterialAL foil +epe+AL foil AL foil+EPE+woven cloth  AL foil+EPE+Non-woven fabrics
weightcustome made
ProcessHeat sealing
Surface resistance10^8-10^11ohm
Tensile Strength2 1.8 - 3.50 Kg/Cm
Temperature range-30 degree to 80 degree
Elongation40 - 100%
Tear Strength GMF150(min)
Compression Strength(at 10% deformation)0.05 - 0.20Kg/Cm2
Water Absorption0.01 to +70
Thermal Conducitivity0.025-0.032
Water permeabilityNo
Tearing propertyNot easy to tear
Fire RetardencySelf-Extinguishing
Chemical / Oil ResistanceExcellent
Reflectivity94% to 97%
Anti-hyun face≥0.05