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air bubble film Product characteristics

Dec 28, 2017

Product characteristics:


- good shock absorption


- The body is light , the transparency is good , the rich elasticity


-sound insulation, shock resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance


-Non-toxic, odorless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant


Technical instruction: maximum width: 1280mm (can be cut or bagged according to user's request)


Bubble diameter: Φ 6mm (small bubble, Φ 10mm) (middle bubble, Φ 28mm (big bubble, heavy bubble))


Bubble height: 3mm / 5mm / 10mm


Product Classification :


-ordinary polyethylene air cushion film-antistatic air cushion film


-Flame retardant air cushion film-aluminized air cushion film


Color - cushion film - three layer air cushion film (single bubble)


Five layer air cushion film (double bubble) - Polypropylene thickening air cushion film


- composite pearl cotton air cushion film.