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air bubble mailert growth in package market will be better

Dec 29, 2017

To accelerate the research of industry chain cooperation, China's economy is currently in a growth phase shift, structural adjustment and pre stimulus period pains digestion period, facing serious challenges. The plastics processing industry has entered a critical period of structural adjustment, change the mode of development and industrial upgrading. Although the flow in epitaxial thin film industry is facing many difficulties and challenges, but the material is also facing new technology revolution brought a rare opportunity for development, to achieve this goal, we must adhere to the "production, learning and research" the depth of integration, joint research and collaborative innovation. Film industry as an important part of the packaging and new materials, brilliant achievements at the same time, we should be clear We can see the problems existing in industry, such as excessive production capacity, serious homogenization of products, low degree of differentiation, weak ability of innovation and R & D, middle and high grade, low proportion of functional products, and so on, and these problems can be solved.

With the progress of technology , the plastic products industry has gradually infiltrated , grasped the opportunity of industry development , adhered to technological progress and scientific and technological innovation , accelerated innovation resource agglomeration , concentrated power to speed up the development of functional thin film , and realized the new leap , and China ' s plastic film industry will usher in a good development prospect .

Plastic bubble film packaging markets have matured in developed countries, such as North America and Western Europe. However, the bubble bag packaging market is expected to grow more strongly in developing countries, with Asia being the largest regional market. Asia is also the fastest growing market for bubble film packaging, with China and India growing fastest.