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Analysis on the sustainable development of bubble film

Jan 05, 2017

Bubble film of related products knowledge, believes everyone on its also has has some basic of understand, in currently view the bubble film products also has get has widely of application, in on its explained zhiqian, we first description in currently for plastic bags of using on environment caused has is big of white pollution, 21st century is environmental century, its environment problem increasingly important, resources energy more more tension, to can adapted era of requirements, As the production of plastic packaging materials, bubble film packaging needed to meet the market quality and increasing number of requirements, must also note that the development of the film industry to conserve resources, save energy, easy to be recycled after use, disposal or environmental absorptive or degradation as a starting point for technology development.

Technology of progress makes plastic packaging film of function of development trend increasingly obviously, high requirements, and high-tech content of plastic packaging film are became many enterprise of pillar industry and development target, its packaging function is diverse of, except on General film of antistatic, and anti-adhesion and cool sliding sex requirements outside, main through raw materials, and additives or process of adjustment assigned Yin packaging film some special of function, as adapted cigarettes and beverage packaging crisp sex and close sex need of hot contraction sex, and adapted vegetables and fruit packaging need of breathable sex, and Meet the needs of electronics packaging conductivity, adaptation can penetrate packaging needs of high optical performance, metal equipment and instrument packaging needs rust and increasingly in foods, cosmetics, medicine needs extensive permeability and antimicrobial resistance, the film features increase the added-value of products.