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Anti-static packaging label design

Anti-static packaging must be electrostatically sensitive symbols and special warning text for marking and instructions, whose role is to alert the operator packaging there are electrostatic sensitive devices, operation of the device must be static. Anti-static packaging material shall identify its basic functions, such as text or symbols to represent static shielding, conductive or dissipative static electricity. All ESD sensitive products packaging, storage container, revolving containers should be added the ESD protective packaging mark and shall be clearly visible, signs and instructions can be made into paper, tape, or printed and signature form, self adhesive signs arising from the use of static electricity, only applies to indirect or shielded containers. Electrostatic discharge sensitive symbol of style, color and size as well as their warning letter mark, the provisions of appendix c shall conform to GJB1469.

Anti-electrostatic packaging design method Bian Yao Research content has: (l) determine products electrostatic discharge sensitive degrees; (2) according to specific of transport environment and protection grade requirements, select right of packaging material, and packaging form: (3) according to application occasions and protection performance of different, determine different of anti-electrostatic packaging combination way; (4) marked electrostatic sensitive symbol and specifically of warning text, completed anti-electrostatic packaging design. To effectively make anti-static packaging design produced practical results, combine the required packaging and ESD protection, the design process into the entire electrostatic discharge control program for consideration, and strive to meet the performance while reducing costs.