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Bubble bags cost calculation

Jan 05, 2017

Bubble bags cost how to calculate it? Mold under fixed, bubble bags for itself, its weight can be adjusted per square, the heavier weight, suggests the greater input of raw materials, so higher prices per square, so ordinary bubble bags per square foot price is determined by the weight of the input raw material per square.

Bubble bags product area calculation formula: plastic reel: length x width; flat bag-type: bag opening length x total length X2

Press area offers ordinary bubble bags (direct blowing bubbles), quotes by weight.

Other information bubble bags (while blowing bubbles composite thin films of various materials) shall be quoted in the square.

By the square offer while blowing bubbles and bubble insulation compound aluminum foil bag.

Also note, bubble bubble bag inside lining with tough and shock-proof function, to provide better maintenance. Compared with the traditional packaging of interest, due to the light weight of this product, 35% packaging mailing costs can be saved. Bubbles can prevent damage to goods in the course of delivery.