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Bubble film is breakable protective clothing

Bubble film appearance, added a new hope for the long-distance transport of goods, in particular fragile, bubble film is its "protective clothing", avoid scraping during transport over long distances, collisions appear broken. What to say?

1. bubble film can serve as an effective buffer action

First of all, you can see it from bubble film appearance outside a layer of small bubbles, try hand, found that the gas would walk back and forth, not easy to pinch broken, unless you are using a lot of energy, press that one or two bubbles, to achieve the purpose of pinched broken. It is these "stubborn" bubbles, in the face of extrusion of gravity or collision, effective protection of goods not to be injured.

2. bubble film merchandise was wearing the "raincoat"

If it is long distance transport of valuable goods, the staff layers them with bubble wrap, which was to prevent extrusion, and came to moisture. Encountered bad weather on the way, air will surge, moist air to easy to corrupt product, the buyer requires the product intact requirements is a challenge, so transport protection work is necessary.

3. bubble texture, light and easy to carry