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Compare ordinary bubble bags and padded bubble bags

Jan 05, 2017

Ordinary bubble bags, anti-static bubble bags, 10MM (diameter) bubble bag, 25MM (diameter) large bubbles, 30MM (diameter) large bubbles. Respectively can do single, double bubble, Shiyan bubble bags, can according to guest requirements made general material, new material, new material, anti-electrostatic, light body green material, printing different content, do bags, slice, volume material, steam bubble bags complex foil, Kraft, bubble bags complex Pearl cotton business bags, bubble film is to high pressure polyethylene for main raw materials, again added brightener, and opening agent, accessories, by 230 degrees around high temperature extrusion sucking plastic into bubble of products. Is a lightweight, good transparency, no poison, no smell of new plastic packaging materials, the product can be protected against dampness, cushioning, thermal insulation and so on.

Padded bubble bags, bubble wrap (AirBubbleFilm), also known as bubble bags cushion film, bubble film, bubble, bubble wrap, bubble film, bubble film, air cushion film. Is used for packing of a moisture-proof and shockproof and chemical products. Good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat resistance, no poison, no smell, moisture, corrosion resistance, transparency and so on.