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e-commerce in the selection of filling materials

Dec 29, 2017

e-commerce in the selection of filling materials, must take into account the shock buffering performance of filler materials, in the past, electronic products in the buffer packaging mainly foam plastic, foamed PP. Honeycomb paperboard and pulp molding products. Although these materials have good cushioning performance and shock resistance, there are also light weight, good protection performance, wide adaptability and so on. Polystyrene foams, which use freon, which destroys the atmospheric ozone layer, as foaming agent, and waste foamed plastics, such as large volume and difficult recovery, are gradually produced by other foamed PPPs, honeycomb paperboard and pulp moulding. Product cushioning material substitution, although other materials also have a bearing gravity, a buffer is good, not easy to deformation, high strength, environmentally friendly, low cost and other advantages, but these materials with the requirements of economic development more and more quickly, people's growing awareness of environmental protection, has gradually been replaced by buffer bubble bag.