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Fill air bag feature

Jan 05, 2017

Filled gas bag is an innovative and easy transportation and protection tools, materials for PE and nylon, air type inflatable bags packaging, like a bag of wrapped products.

Fill air bag features are as follows:

1. volume: space, completely flat without having to air, with little local station.

2. storage: do not take up space.

3. humidity resistance: moisture-proof and waterproof.

4. buffer: the product is completely coated, buffering, and excellent.

5. environmental protection: small size, material PA-friendly materials, recycling Recycling 100% packaging products exported to every nation in the world to welcome.

6. images: the appearance, improve product quality and company image.

8. user: packaging, easy, delivered fast, flexible, easy to use inventory management, reduce packaging processes, saving manpower.

9. film: System membrane potentials, and low cost.

10. cleaning: dust-free, nontoxic, pollution-free.

11. the force: a single tube gas column AIRBAG can bear the weight of about 100kg.

12. protection: PE+PA film quality, durable, high tightness, but also can provide seismic protection of transportation not leak for a long time, protect property more secure.