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ISF buffer bubble bag is a new type of buffer fill material

Dec 29, 2017

ISF buffer bubble bag is a new type of buffer fill material. It has all the traditional filling material has the advantages of light weight, good protection performance, wide practicability and so on. But compared with traditional materials, ISF buffer bubble bag itself using raw materials made of non-toxic, no pollution to the environment. In the storage buffer, ISF because of the characteristics of the air bubble bag, not only plastic bags before inflation in size, compared to the same plastic foam, bubble bag covering rate of only 10%. buffer


The ISF buffer bubble bag uses a small amount of synthetic plastic film and a gas column cover surface , develops into a bubble bag arranged inner package , has low packaging cost and transportation cost , is environment - friendly , recyclable , moisture - proof and excellent in anti - seismic protection , is an alternative to the existing EPS , and the EPE package is the most economical and environmentally friendly packaging material .