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Plastic products bubble wrap market growth in developing countries will be stronger

Dec 29, 2017

At present already in the plastic packaging field occupies an important position, how to use plastic products to more areas, worthy of further research of plastic packaging manufacturers. The film industry overcapacity problem is more prominent, because of overcapacity caused by the disorder of market and enterprise efficiency decline, many enterprises bear a heavy burden of debt investment, directly affects the health of the development of the industry.     

Resolving the source of overcapacity is the key, the stock is the focus, and the fundamental approach is innovation. At present, we should vigorously implement the strategy of differentiation and high-end development, optimize the structure adjustment, and speed up the development of new products. It is necessary to concentrate innovative resources and accelerate the research and industrialization of functional thin films in conditional enterprises.

Strengthen the industrial chain collaboration, through the meticulous preparation of the raw materials, equipment and technology support, give full play to cast film Committee experts and science and technology workers, give full play to the role of entrepreneurs, with enterprises as the main body to research and develop a new product development plan, overall planning and coordination, to achieve new breakthroughs in the "functional" on the implementation of a new leap.