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production about the air bubble film

Dec 29, 2017

in that production proces of the bubble envelope bag , the air bubble film is an air cushion film , in fact is a film material contain a bubble interlayer in the middle of the film , the film - like material is formed by compounding the low - density polyethylene resin with another layer of film after extrusion and melting by an extruder , and the composite film is a three - layer composite air cushion film . The characteristics of composite air cushion film, a lot of people in this film as the instrument, instrument, packaging materials, ceramics and glassware


The choice of raw material extrusion molding is the main raw material of the air cushion film of low density polyethylene resin, the requirements of solution flow rate in the range of 5~8g/10min MFR, in addition, according to the working environment of the air cushion film, HDPE resin vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer can be added in the main resin in certain proportion (EVA), if the air cushion film requirements color should be added colorants in resin