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Single-sided bubble bag how to be different?

Single bubble bags and double bubble bags refers to of not bag of surface number, single bubble bags of appearance is bubble bubble in outside, can touch to a grain grain of bubble; double bubble bags is bubble bubble in middle, on both sides are is smooth of PE film, double bubble bags more composite a layer PE film, so he of feel better, while earthquake function than single bubble also stronger.

Single bubble bags bear the product lighter, double bubble bags can withstand a little heavier products, bubble bags on both sides has thickness, thickness thicker shock can have a strong, prices increase. Films include the formation of air bubbles to avoid impact, ensure the product when subjected to vibrations play a protective role, also has thermal insulation effect, suitable for all walks of different product packaging or working capital purposes, because of the air cushion film middle layer is filled with air, so light, elastic, with sound insulation, shockproof and wear resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof and under pressure.