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What are the use of bubble bags?

Jan 08, 2018

Widely used in electronic, instrumentation, ceramics, handicraft, home appliances, car shop, kitchen, furniture and lacquer products, glass products and precision instruments and other anti-seismic cushioning packaging can be made into bubble bags, bubble Kraft envelope bags. Automobile sun shield, heat insulation cushion, heat insulation material, etc.-by adding different additives to plastic raw materials, we can make all kinds of special air-cushion film, such as anti-static film, which can be used for packaging electronic components. Components, such as boards, cards, etc., which can prevent static electricity and serve as cushioning and vibration proof bubble bags-for electronic products, design anti-static bubble bags, anti-static bubble bags suitable for use Packaging of electronic products with general anti-static requirements. According to the structure of the film, can be divided into single-sided film. The antistatic property of this product has certain time effect. The surface resistance value is 10 ~ 109-1011 Ω (standard environment test). Conductive film composite antistatic bubble bag Conductive film composite antistatic bubble bag is based on antistatic bubble film. The composite conductive PE film is made after processing. It is suitable for the packaging of electronic products with high electrostatic sensitivity. According to the different film structure, it can be divided into one-sided composite bubble bag and double-sided composite bubble bag.