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what is the aluminum foil

Aug 21, 2017

When the aluminum (Al) film thickness in 100nm, can be used as a kind of optical thin film. With the laser resistance and loss characteristics of small optical components made of the ultrathin aluminum film, can be applied in high power laser system. The use of high pure aluminum target, ultrathin aluminum films were prepared by DC magnetron sputtering, divided the spectrophotometer was studied using dual beam optical properties, preparation conditions of ultrathin aluminum films were tested, such as working pressure, target substrate distance, sputtering time influence the optical properties of the films. The working pressure, the relationship between the optical properties of the target substrate distance and sputtering power and film.


Ordinary aluminum film has been widely used. When the aluminum film thickness below 100nm, become a kind of nano film, while retaining the excellent properties of a part of the conventional aluminum film but also has some other properties. For example, it not only has the high reflectivity of aluminum itself, but also can make a part of light through the aluminum film. This meets the requirements of optical components. Because of its ability to laser in high power laser system