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What is the bubble bag? what's the effect?

Jan 08, 2018

The bubble film also known as the air cushion film, anti-static bubble bags and so on, the use of low density polyethylene and processing, is a kind of transparent flexible packaging materials, the current widespread use of a wide range of uses. Its principle is based on the film contains air to form bubble to prevent the collision products, to ensure that the product is subjected to vibration play a protective role, at the same time also has heat insulation function, suitable for all sectors of the packaging or different products turnover! Because the middle layer filled with air cushion film, lightweight, flexible, with sound insulation, shockproof, anti abrasion performance, it is waterproof, moisture-proof, compression.

Ordinary bubble bags. Is the common kind of bubble bag mainly used for packaging products to prevent collision between products such as protection. At present mainly used in the postal packaging of products. Pink anti-static bubble bag bubble bag with shock absorption bubble film. Bubble film has countless small bubbles, so light, elastic, with sound insulation, shock prevention, anti-scratch function, widely used in electronics, instrumentation, ceramics, handicrafts, home appliances, car, kitchen, furniture. Hardware tools, glass products and precision instruments such as seismic buffering, protection of packaging. Can prevent the transmission of items in the process of extrusion, vibration and friction, fear of squeezing fear The anti - static air cushion bag is used for packaging electronic components and components , such as integrated circuit board , card and the like , which can prevent static electricity and play the role of buffering and shockproof .