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Why do people prefer car sunshade

May 03, 2018

Why do people prefer car sunshade With the advent of summer in the northern hemisphere, car Sunshade has again occupied a variety of shopping malls、 convenience stores, becomes one of the most favorite products

1, clean metal frame, absolutely must not have metal elbow oil or pickling liquid and other chemical substances residue on the frame.

2, reserve expansion space, expansion space size can be calculated by the following formula: expansion value = linear expansion coefficient x length x maximum temperature change value 3, the plasticizer in the PVC washer (DOP) and some rubber washers in the chemical material will migrate to the surface of the gasket, and PC board will damage the PC board, so absolutely not use. The recommended use of gaskets for the material is EPDM, silicone rubber and neoprene.

If you do not have a suitable gasket, you would rather not use it, and you cannot use a gasket that destroys PC material.

4, the need to seal the installation, the choice of neutral silicone sealant and double-sided waterproof tape and rubber layering. 5, double-sided waterproof tape In addition to waterproof, can also be used for PC board and frame between the gasket material.

There are some double-sided tape adhesive face PC board are damaged, so the construction and selection.

6, cutting the need to use power tools, saw blades are best for tungsten carbide material, cut before the plate should be fixed to avoid vibration. 7, the PC board is very easy to scrape, when cutting, do not tear the protective film.

Marking must be marked before cutting, as far as possible on the protective film, if it must be directly marked on the plate, please use crayons, should avoid using sharp tool contact.

8, the new building in the cement is not fully dry, do not contact with the PC board directly, or cement in the alkaline material will destroy the PC plate quality. 9. If the PC board is to be bent, its construction radius should be greater than the allowable radius of curvature.