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Kraft Paper Printing Can Be Used Flexo

  Kraft paper printing can be used flexo, gravure, offset printing, screen printing process, as long as skilled mastering the printing technology, familiar with the printing ink and kraft paper printing suitability, rational selection and deployment of ink, control equipment parameters, can get the best quality The

  But for some small packaging printing processing plant, or just put into production and operation of kraft paper packaging small factories, due to various conditions, product quality there will be some problems.

  Note kraft paper printing color

  In the kraft paper printing in order to get a better color reproduction, than with the SBS paper printing a certain degree of difficulty. Especially in the ordinary kraft paperboard to achieve accurate color reproduction, than in the bleached kraft paper on the printing to be more careful. As the ordinary kraft paper itself was dark brown, the effect of printing ink and the effect of printing on the bleached paper is very different. So it is best to use brightly colored ink, the use of more eye-catching colors, this printing effect is better. Soft colors and light colors are most difficult to achieve the desired ink density, opacity and wear resistance and other expected results. In addition, if necessary, you can add a little white in the ink, it will help to achieve the required soft colors or light, which copy soft colors and light colors have great usefulness. With the printing technology is increasingly mature, and some manufacturers even use UV ink, effectively improve the printing color effect. At present, almost all of the ink manufacturers have developed for the color of cardboard ink, many ink manufacturers have also developed in the kraft paper printing ink. So in the best way to determine the work before the ink manufacturers should consult, according to our printing needs to choose a different formula ink, ink manufacturers to provide ink chromatography and ink on different paper on the printing results, and finally determine their own selection of the most Good ink.