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Air BuBubble Film, Bubble Bag Process Flow

Nov 16, 2017

The indispensable bubble envelope in the production process is the so-called bubble film, air cushion film, a film is actually in the middle of the thin film layer containing air bubbles. This kind of membrane material with low density polyethylene resin by melt extruder extrusion, molding in a mold for forming the two layer film extrusion; one layer of membrane in vacuum roller is plastic film bubble shape, and another layer of composite membrane as a whole, the latter close to the opening with bubble membrane, the composite membrane is a kind of air cushion film. If you put the noodles on a raised film is combined with a layer of film, which became the three layer composite air cushion film three. Composite air cushion film, the middle layer containing air bubbles,In addition, the composite film is light and elastic. In addition, it has the characteristics of moisture-proof, shockproof and soundproof, beautiful, insect proof, mildew proof, cheap and so on. According to the characteristics of composite air cushion membrane, people use this kind of film as instrument, instrument, ceramic and glass packaging materials