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Aluminum Foil Bubble Insulation Layer Of The Introduction

May 19, 2017

Introduction of Aluminum Foil Bubble Insulation

Aluminum foil bubble are mainly made of high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE), aluminum foil, non-woven fabrics, glass fiber, film and other substrates for surface lamination, single layer of laminating compound. Aluminum Foil Bubble This is a new environmentally friendly insulation material, the material is soft, light and easy to install.

Aluminum foil bubble material structure for the aluminum foil and polyethylene, made by special mechanical processing, the goods tasteless non-toxic; heat conduction way radiation, conduction, convection three, its appearance not only solved the previous glass fiber and foam materials to The body caused by the discomfort and the harm caused by the environment, and can block the penetration of metal, wood, wood and ordinary insulation materials into the room of ultraviolet light.

I set the company's research and development of this new insulation material through the aluminum foil bubble material reflective, anti-heat characteristics and the combination of polyethylene materials, it not only has a good insulation, heat reflection, heat insulation, anti-radiation function, but also through The characteristics of the material in the housing construction, thermal grid pipe applications can play a very good insulation, reflection and energy saving role.