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Aluminum Foil In The Chinese Market Is Developing Rapidly

Oct 17, 2017

Aluminum foil is widely used, such as aviation food packaging, general meat packaging, cable foil, building insulation materials and so on. In developed countries in Europe and America, for the packaging of aluminum foil products accounted for 70% of total demand. Today, aluminum foil in the Chinese market is developing rapidly, people in their daily lives more and more can see the aluminum foil figure. So what is aluminum foil in the end? What is the use of aluminum foil? Aluminum foil what is good, how suddenly we appeared around so many aluminum foil things? Then, with everyone approached the aluminum foil, to understand the aluminum foil.

This is a packaging of the times, the need for "packaging", not only the vast majority of upcoming sale of goods, and even star debut have to go through some "careful packaging", from speaking, action, make-up, hair, wearing And so on, to carry out a full range of image to create.

For ordinary goods, the packaging is to moisture-proof moisture leak, but also allows the goods or items look more beautiful, more attractive, enhance the image of the external image of the beautiful and quality of the goods, health, shelf life, etc. also Plays a vital role. Now, our daily life in the common packaging generally cartons, plastic bags, woven bags, aluminum foil flexible packaging, etc., in so many packaging, aluminum foil has the characteristics of its application in the field of packaging more and more widely, and gradually become the packaging industry The shining star.

The characteristics of aluminum foil packaging

Aluminum foil is made of 99.0% -99.7% pure electrolytic aluminum, after several rolling in the system, this soft metal film, not only moisture, airtight, shading, but also with fragrance, non-toxic and tasteless advantages, such advantages Is the existing any other packaging materials are incomparable. This is a practical side of the aluminum foil, it is a gorgeous side of its elegant silver-white luster, people can give full play to the imagination, in the above printed with their own characteristics, colorful beautiful patterns and patterns.

It is because of the super practical and colorful, aluminum foil packaging is more and more people of all ages, unlimited market space.

Aluminum foil with a shiny metallic luster, decorative strong; non-toxic, tasteless, odorless; relatively light weight, the proportion is only one-third of iron, copper, rich extensibility, thin thickness, per unit area Low temperature; low temperature and stable temperature, the temperature at -73 ~ 371 ℃ when not up and down deformation; the same time, Excellent barrier, moisture, airtight, fragrant, to prevent the contents of the packaging of moisture absorption, oxidation and volatile deterioration, its resistance to moisture, oxygen resistance. Aluminum foil is easy to process, with a variety of plastic film and paper composite.

Aluminum foil shortcomings: low strength, easy to tear, can not be used alone for packaging products. Folding easily broken, resulting in holes, impatient acid.

Life in the aluminum foil packaging

After the rolling through the full annealing and softening of the aluminum foil, soft material, with excellent sealing, barrier, in modern social packaging, almost all require strict opaque, high barrier products, are used aluminum foil composite package.

Such as our daily drink of milk cuboid box packaging, which is a kind of aluminum foil composite made of aseptic bag; such as cigarette box, in addition to shiny shell is aluminum foil composite material, there is an aluminum foil to retain Tobacco flavor; and then such as chicken, suction ice and other food packaging, but also a foil made of soft materials ... ... Here we have to sort out some of our life in the common aluminum foil packaging and aluminum foil composite packaging.

1, aluminum-plastic composite cans, in addition to suitable for oil, but also frozen food, crisp food and other high-quality packaging materials. By the aluminum foil, plastic film, kraft cardboard composite, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, and recyclable use.

2, aluminum-plastic composite film, in the field of food, chemicals, military supplies and other fields of application is very wide, said milk in front and on such a sterile package, is made of aluminum foil and high strength, heat-sealed plastic film Composite, with a barrier, mechanical and heat sealing performance.

3, aluminum-plastic composite hose. May we see the hose to see the toothpaste ah, ointment ah, what cosmetics, here, Hui industry network Xiaobian to solemnly declare: we all guess it! Aluminum-plastic composite hose, is mainly used for paste, exposed products, packaging, with good isolation, easy to break, clean and beautiful and so on. A group of data show that Europe and the United States and other developed countries more than 90% of the toothpaste are used in aluminum-plastic composite hose packaging, and the current use of this packaging is still very low, the development of space is still great.

6, wine packaging. Many people know the wine, but many people do not know which part of the bottle is aluminum foil. Well, yes, the aluminum foil on the bottle is wrapped in the neck of the bottle and the mouth of the wrinkled thin wine seal. As the aluminum foil has good ductility, tensile properties and easy to print characteristics, in recent years, with the requirements of beer hygiene standards, aluminum foil wine bottle gradually applied to beer, wine and high-grade soy sauce bottlenecks, bottle sealed packaging.

7, drug foil. This is very common, and I'm sure you feel, even if there is no cold, the family also had a cold it, then you must have seen that a plastic sheet of plastic pills, want to take out the pills, you have to medicine The foil is torn off. Well, when it comes here, do not understand why do not blame me slightly

In general, pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil mainly includes water, injection of easy-open caps and medicinal PTP aluminum foil (sealed in plastic hard film sealing material), with non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, impermeable, heat, moisture, Blocking light, high temperature sterilization and so on. And PTP aluminum foil moisture, easy to carry, safe and hygienic, widely used in the international pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, on the one hand because of the rapid development of the pharmaceutical market, PTP aluminum foil in the proportion of drug packaging applications are also constantly mentioned, the corresponding rapid development of drug foil market is expected to compound foil growth rate remained at 20% or more.

8, home aluminum foil. This is more common, can be regarded as home travel essential packaging, at home can use it wrapped in food into the microwave heating, travel can also be used to camping barbecue. As the aluminum foil can be directly on the fire on the steamed, so that the food inside and outside the uniform heat will not be burnt into carbon, but also to maintain the original flavor of food and beautiful luster. Suitable for cooking, freezing, parcels, baking and so on, is expected in 2015 demand will reach 220,000 tons.