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Anti Static Bubble Bag Anti Static Function Of Bubble Bag

The bubble bag is characterized in that the film contains air to form a bubble to prevent product impact , ensure that the product plays a protective role in vibration , and also has the function of thermal insulation and heat insulation , and is suitable for different product packaging or turnover of various industries . Since the middle layer of the air cushion film is filled with air , the body is light and elastic , and has the characteristics of sound insulation , shock resistance and wear resistance , and is waterproof , moisture - proof , anti - wear and soft , and is not scratched by the product , and is an ideal shock - proof buffer material .

Anti static bubble bag production process with ordinary bubble bags, is different, raw materials with anti static agent or anti static material, conventional anti-static bag color was red. Of course not anti-static color is red, but red with anti-static anti-static distinguish use. Electrical pad for packaging bag electronic components, components, such as integrated circuit board card, etc., can prevent static electricity can play a buffer role of earthquake