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Application Of Fire-proof Material In Cement Industry

  Application of Fire-proof Material in Cement Industry

  Fire-proof Material for cement industry

  Alkaline Fire-proof Material

  Alkaline Fire-proof Material with high temperature calcination and resistance to chemical erosion of the strong characteristics of the cement kiln is to achieve high quality, high yield, low consumption and long-term safe operation of the key kiln lining materials. But it also has the susceptibility to moisture, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance of the main shortcomings. At present, the import and domestic alkaline Fire-proof Material mainly include direct combination of magnesia-chrome brick, semi-direct combination of magnesia-chrome brick, ordinary magnesia-chrome brick, dolomite brick, zirconium-free and zirconium- Spinel and chemical combination does not burn magnesium chrome brick and so on.

  High alumina bricks have high compressive strength and load softening temperature and better thermal shock resistance. Because of its inexpensive high quality, which is widely used in a variety of cement kilns. Various types of phosphate-bonded high-alumina bricks are characterized by higher strength (not less than 60 MPa), good thermal shock resistance, but they are large at high temperature creep, so when used for vaults, Aluminum brick as well.

  In the high alumina bricks, the introduction of a small amount of ZrO2, the use of ZrO2 monoclinic and quadratic phase transition between, can lead to the existence of microcracks and thermal shock resistance to improve. Select the appropriate particle gradation to make the brick significantly higher porosity, but the strength is also high, reducing its thermal conductivity and thermal expansion. In the cement kiln use of the transfer surface of the thin layer of enamel-like film, the protection of brick without further alkaline erosion.

  High-alumina bricks for cement kilns include phosphate-bonded high-alumina bricks, phosphate-bonded high-alumina wear-resistant tiles, anti-peeling high alumina bricks, chemical combination (special) high alumina bricks and ordinary high alumina bricks.

  Series of alkali-resistant brick

  Alkali-resistant brick has excellent alkali resistance, under certain conditions with the kiln and kiln gas in the alkali compound reaction and quickly formed on the closure of the closed type of protective protective glaze layer to prevent the continued infiltration and brick "alkali Split "loss kiln, especially the new dry kiln is one of the indispensable kiln lining material. Series of alkali-resistant brick, including ordinary alkali-resistant brick, high-strength alkali-resistant brick, alkali-resistant insulation tiles and dome-type alkali-resistant brick.

  Series of Fire-proof Material castable

  Fire-proof Material castable with the production process is simple, energy consumption, the use of flexible and convenient features, in the cement kiln system, the characteristics of the structure is complex in the preheater system is becoming increasingly common. Suitable for cement kilns Fire-proof Material castables mainly include corundum castables, high-alumina castables, alkali-resistant castables and light castables.