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Characteristics Of Antistatic Bag

Jan 08, 2018

Characteristics of antistatic bag: antistatic packaging material is composed of multiple layers of materials, the inner layer is heat sealing layer, the sealing strength is two times higher than that of general material. The middle layer is a high strength mechanical layer with excellent mechanical function. The outer layer is conductive layer. The material is compatible with related chemical products and has good performance. It can be directly used in contact packaging of related products without chemical reaction during packaging and storage. The moisture-proof performance reaches Class II. The high and low temperature performance is ±500c. it has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. The mechanical strength and package transport drop test prove that it meets the packaging strength requirements. According to the solvent migration test and aging performance test, the service life of the material is 18 years.

Antistatic bags are classified as: antistatic shielding bags, silver-gray transparent electrostatic bags, anti-static and moisture-proof bags.

Anti-static bag can maximize the protection of static sensitive components from static damage, their unique Faraday electric cage form the "induction cover" effect, in order to achieve the shielding of the goods in the bag and anti electrostatic effect, the outer layer of wear-resistant metal coating and lining materials by the complex process of ethylene, the electrostatic shielding protection perfect, technology translucent heat sealing bag, the bag can clearly identify items