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Commonly Used Fire-proof Material Use

Aug 15, 2017

  Commonly used Fire-proof Material use

  Commonly used Fire-proof Material use boundary

  1. Fire-proof Material clay brick

  Fire-proof Material clay tiles of the charge Ÿ softening temperature is much lower than the refractoriness, compared with the silica brick, which is its primary malpractice, which is limited its use of boundaries.

  All Fire-proof Material clay bricks in the use of the most extensive boundaries, such as all kinds of heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, cupola and drying furnace, etc. Absolute sector is Fire-proof Material clay brick to masonry, can also be used to build Sheng Gang Barrel lining.

  High alumina brick

  High alumina brick refractoriness and charge Ÿ softening temperature than Fire-proof Material clay brick, anti-slag function is good, and with the addition of Al2O3 content and elevation. High aluminum brick thermal stability is low. Residual tightening with the firing temperature The difference between the change, often very poor value, which is its primary malpractice.

  Corundum brick

  Corundum brick is the best function of the type of aluminum silicate Fire-proof Material, it has many characteristics: refractoriness and charge  softening temperature is high, good thermal stability, resistance to acid slag and alkaline slag damage talent, Hardness is poor, good wear resistance.It is pointed out that the high temperature of the calcite brick firing temperature (1600 ℃ above), such as the firing temperature is low, argue in the use of the poor will have a thick sink, Sex also poor landed.