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Discussion On Common Faults Caused By Improper Printing Of Kraft Paper

Oct 10, 2017

Discussion on common faults caused by improper printing of Kraft paper

In the printing machine, even with 10 years of experience in the old master, will inevitably appear or large or small operation errors, resulting in the printing of Kraft paper failure, and today's small part of the printing press to share with you the failure of the improper adjustment.

When printing kraft paper through the Feida, the paper table, and then through the front regulation, example provisions, and finally through the rubber drum and embossing drum rolling and finish printing. In these links, a part of the machine adjustment improperly, will affect the operation of the paper and printing failure, so to adjust the following machine parts.

First of all, to adjust the nozzle, blow the mouth and press the paper rod, if the blow mouth blowing air size unevenness or suction nozzle position is improper, will lead to the paper can not be separated, forming double sheets, more than one; suction nozzle too big, resulting in Kraft paper double sheets, many sheets, too small form empty.

The elimination method is, through the air pump two valve door, adjust the blowing and inspiratory volume size, until suitable;

Second, to adjust the imprint lithography drum teeth, when the imprint lithography drum teeth, the paper bite will form an arch. After the imprint, the printing in the Bite mouth form a circular curved fold; or paper angle just be nano-imprint lithography drum bite half, resulting in the edge of the paper is too large, after printing at the edge of the paper bite at the formation of a fold.

The elimination of the method is to check whether the teeth and teeth pads wear, if there is wear and tear, the need for timely replacement;

Finally, with you, printed Kraft paper quality and the relationship is very large, as a printing work, we must fully understand this, and constantly, take appropriate measures to improve print quality, reduce the paper factors caused by the scrap rate.