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EPE Fire Attention

Jan 05, 2017

EPE from the details, strict requirements set up for fire ventilation:

1: Pearl cotton production in the foaming process, if the workshop and warehouse ventilation does not meet requirements, easily lead to butane gas concentrations increase, when the butane gas concentration reaches a certain level is then exposed to open flames or spark is easy to fire, in order to reduce the harm caused by static electricity, warehouse shop open the humidifier or Ionic hair dryer, keep the humidity in the air.

2: EPE to be stored in a well-ventilated area, EPE products should not be stored in a sealed compartment or sealed spaces, to be packaged using the air outside the box to EPE.

3: factory should set strict demands on workers, always keep EPE product away from flames and sparks. Workshop allows anyone to smoke or use any fire thing. Are strict with plant personnel are not allowed to smoke ignition, and on the product label indicates that the products that may contain residues of flammable foam agent, must be kept away from sources of ignition, smoke products, heat sources, and Mars, to be stored in a well ventilated place.

4: drivers in the delivery process, requiring drivers to comply with the following responsibilities: in the use of transport vehicles per 1000 cubic inches of the car within a 5-15-square-foot outlet. When selecting a logistics company and driver is shipped, inform the transportation company's security requirements, including shipping logistics as indicated on the security statement.

5: the driver door is opened before landing, put out all possible sources of ignition, such as lighters, matches, cigarettes, sparks, etc. During the process of delivery, when it reaches the logistics company opens the door, before landing, air circulating inside the car for 10 minutes, then began to unload it.