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Epe Foam Fire Precautions

Jun 26, 2017

  Epe Foam Fire Precautions

  Epe Foam fire and ventilation from the details of strict requirements:

  1: In the Epe Foam production foaming process, if the Workshop warehouse ventilation is not up to the requirements, easily lead to the increase in butane gas concentration, when the butane gas concentration to a certain degree of fire or static electric spark easily occurred in order to reduce the harm caused by electrostatic spark, warehouse workshop Open humidifier or ionic hair dryer, to maintain the humidity in the air.

  2: Epe to be stored in a well-ventilated area, the Epe Foam products can not be stored in a sealed compartment or sealed space, to use a ventilated outer box to pack Epe Foam.

  3: The factory should be strict with the workers, always let the Epe Foam products away from the flames and sparks. The production workshop allows anyone to smoke or use anything that has a fire source. Factory personnel are also required not to smoke ignition, and on the product label indicated: the product may contain residual combustible foaming agent, must be away from the source of fire, smoke products, heat sources and Mars, should be stored in good ventilation.

  4: During the driver's delivery process, drivers are required to comply with the following responsibilities: a 5-15 sq. ft. Air vent is opened in a 1000 cubic metre inch vehicle when using a transport. And the driver in the delivery Select logistics company, inform the freight company related safety requirements, including the shipping logistics list to indicate the safety statement.

  5: The driver to open the door before unloading, to extinguish all possible sources of ignition, such as: lighters, matches, cigarettes, sparks and so on. In the process of delivery, when the logistics company to open the door, before discharging, let the air into the car circulation circulation for 10 minutes, and then start unloading.

  In the winter dry weather, to prevent static electricity generated sparks, causing spontaneous combustion, so the place where Epe Foam is stacked, to the hours of ventilation, to keep the air moist, it becomes particularly important.