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Extend The Life Of Fire-proof Material

Aug 15, 2017

  Extend the life of Fire-proof Material

  First, the design ① for the different parts of the industrial furnace differential employment conditions, the choice of different refractories, can be designed to assimilate lining, Fire-proof Material is the extension of refractory life of the smooth experience.

  ② suitable for the design of the furnace structure, such as the size of the furnace, such as the furnace from the top of the dome to the ceiling, due to the squeeze between the resistance to eliminate the fire, the use of life to be extended, and if a steel mill will raise the furnace furnace l00mm, Fire-proof Material Spray on the roof of the damage to reduce the effectiveness of life to win.

  Second, the masonry ① used in the appearance of refractory bricks should meet the conditions, you can complete the angle, the full edge (missing angle and the lack of easy to infested), Fire-proof Material no meandering and size of the runners to small (that is, the actual size and scale of refractory bricks Size comparison of the percentage of negligence).

  ② brick is a weak hub, the conditions of brick width, although narrow, on the melting furnace, should be below 1mm, while the fire brick brick to stagger.

  ③ reserved for expansion joints, so that the furnace was due to thermal expansion was broken, refractory fire scrapped.

  ④ with amorphous refractory material lining the lining. Fire-proof Material To tamper with, in order to avoid the penetration of liquid metal and slag, destroy the lining.

  Three, baking jealousy is the role of furnace age, so the key to the refractory life of the hub.If the oven stage if the temperature is too fast, in view of the refractory brick and refractory brick moisture evaporation too much, On the silicon bricks there is also a change in the crystal structure caused by excessive transformation of volume and other causes, Fire-proof Material causing the furnace cracking, and even peeling or deformation.

  Fourth, control the shelter ① strict control furnace temperature, in order to avoid violent bumps, in order to avoid over-temperature.

  ② feeding in order to avoid damage to the lining.

  ③ In order to avoid melting the slag splash. Take the spray technique, Fire-proof Material extend the life of refractory lining.